Living Fuller With Less

I saw this picture today on a website promoting simple homes ( I really love it. It is so bare yet so cozy.

How much do I really need to have a good life?

Over they years I have been paring down. I have not achieved a truly minimalist lifestyle yet. However, I have tried to live with less and experienced the joy and benefits. Owning too many things requires too much energy – maintaining them, worrying about damage or loss, and fretting over how to organise them. Objects are packets of energy and my antennae just cannot absorb so much around me.

I have given up my car for public transport, started borrowing books from the library rather than buying them and tried to reduce the number of handbags I own.

I still have my vices…new dresses and shoes, vitamins that I do not consume and packs of organic and herbal tea that I can never finish drinking.

However, this journey towards simplicity has already started and I know it would be hard for me to reverse the trend to live a “more is better” life. Even if I win a $10 million lottery today, I would still want to live in a small home, and live a modest, eco-friendly life.

I also know that as I give up more attachments, the universe will reveal more of its secrets to me. I hope I can move more towards an even simpler life as I grow older.

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3 thoughts on “Living Fuller With Less

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    • Yes it is lovely isn’t it? I reading Dale Carnegie’s classic “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” recently, and he said we can only eat 3 meals a day and sleep in only one bed at a time. He meant that sometimes we want too much. When I read that, I thought about this bed : )

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